SCHAFT Robot leads DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) Trails

A Robot which was developed by a Japan based Robotic Company SCHAFT leads the DARPA Robotics Challenge Trails.

16 teams participated in this DRC trails held at Florida’s Homestead Miami Speedway.

Eight teams will receive DARPA funding for competing in the Robotics Finals event next year to win $2 million prize.

This Robotics company “SCHAFT” was recently acquired by Google.

The DARPA challenges include 8 tasks such as Vehicle, Terrain, Ladder, debris, Door, Wall, Valve and Hose.

Video Credit:DARPA and SCHAFT

SCHAFT Inc. is building a bipedal robot based on mature hardware and software designed for its existing HRP-2 robot. SCHAFT will create an Intelligent Robot Kernel in which it will combine the necessary software modules for recognition, planning, motion generation, motion control and a user interface. The group will divide into three teams to execute the tasks: hardware design, software integration and scenario testing.