What is Artificial Intelligence ( or Machine Learning) ?

Machine Learning is a product of statistics, mathematics, and computer science. As a practice, it has grown phenomenally in the last few years. It has empowered companies to build products like recommendation engines, self driving cars etc. which were beyond imagination until a few years back. In addition, ML algorithms have also given a massive boost to big data analysis.

But, how is ML making all these accomplishments?

After realising the sheer power of machine learning, lots of people and companies have invested their time and resources in creating a supportive ML environment. That’s why, we come across several open source projects these days.

You have a great opportunity right now to make most out of machine learning. No longer, you need to write endless codes to implement machine learning algorithms. Some good people have already done the dirty work. Yes, they’ve made libraries. Your launchpad is set.

In this article, you’ll learn about top programming languages which are being used worldwide to create machine learning models/products.

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