Watson: IBM’s Machine-learning Supercomputer

Filmed at The Intelligence Squared and Vanity Fair Digital Summit at Shoreditch Town Hall on 11th June 2015.

Featuring Lauri Saft.

Lauri Saft explains how we are on the brink on a new cognitive computer era, in which the benefits will come from man and machine, rather than man vs machine. This collaboration is set to change our work, our homes, our toys, our cars and even how we prepare our meals and create great works of art.


  1. iliketotallyloveit says:

    Why do we have to read quotes from shitty people. Why can’t Watson come up
    with some of his own?

  2. Pierre Larochelle says:

    What a paradox we’re all facing. In this day and age, it seems that
    humanity knows more about computers, robots and other forms of Artificial
    Intelligence than it knows about itself. I see something eerily wrong

  3. Stargate2Eden1 says:

    Something is missing alright.. Spirit and Wisdom ………………….
    human stupidity needs to cease .

  4. Gamer 49 says:

    “we will start to see real world applications”? The projects that have been
    done arent viable? i.e. watson is just a cool scripting tool still?

  5. Robert LC - Digital Artist says:

    _”Once robots will fully comprehend human natural language and
    surpass human intelligence, humans will be made redundant.”_
    – Watson

  6. Ozzie Coto says:

    How do I get in touch with you please? My name is Ozzie Coto — ozzie dot
    coto @ gmail.com 🙂 You are so pretty & inspirational. Thank you! For all
    your work. You’re mind blowing.

  7. Shadu Shah says:

    why is this woman so desperately trying to make up sentences? watson seems
    more relaxed than her.

  8. Tibi S says:

    they are born babies and they know nothing by their own 🌏 📡🌏 👣🕓
    💎💀☠☼☾☄ ₪itibira₪ ✶☥✨🌛🌄⊀⋉🐺🐾▲▴◭

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