Understanding the real capabilities of unsupervised machine learning

Understanding the real capabilities of unsupervised machine learning.
“Hey, Siri. What is the capital of New York?” We all know what happens next — Siri provides the answer. How Siri knows the correct answer is not a mystery (we have the internet to thank for that), but what is more interesting is the fact that Siri is able to understand the question at all.

Siri can understand and respond to human speech for the same reason Facebook knows which friend to tag in a photo before you even type their name. This “knowledge” is a technology called machine learning.

There are two types of machine learning: trained and untrained. Most of us experience trained, or supervised, machine learning in our everyday lives, from weather forecasts and sports outcome predictions to Siri and Facebook. These examples are considered trained machine learning because they require input and output data.

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