1. Ian Dimayuga says:

    Engineers use whatever devices they like. That doesn’t mean they don’t
    produce good software. In fact, a good software engineer should appreciate
    and understand a good product, no matter who makes it.

  2. Viktor Wahlberg says:

    Don’t understand why I should pay money and time to get something with less
    productivity then I can get from my Windows 7 or my Ubuntu. Just sucks.

  3. fromthesnow says:

    but it clearly is a macbook pro, there’s no other computer that’s silver
    with a hinge and feet like that

  4. Kyli Rouge (Supuhstar) says:

    XD That gigantic URL at the bottom~… Doesn’t Microsoft have a URL
    shortening service, yet?

  5. fromthesnow says:

    nope, the HP Envy doesn’t have the same hinge, the envy has 2 small hinges,
    and macbooks have the one solid hinge across. it’s a mac, give up.

  6. Kyli Rouge (Supuhstar) says:

    Seriously, there are more than just Macs with that design, and don’t tell
    me to “give up”; this isn’t a contest of any sort. Even if it is a mac, I
    bet it’s running Windows, because he works for Microsoft and needs to use
    their software to do his job.

  7. fromthesnow says:

    I said give up because it’s a mac, and nothing you say will change that. I
    don’t want to talk about it.

  8. Matt Anderson says:

    I’ve been a Microsoft hater for years, ran Linux or FreeBSD most of the
    time. I LOVE Windows 8!

  9. Nikolai Allen says:

    I honestly wouldn’t be suprised, many ms employees seem to use mac products
    quite openly. Just look at 1:13 you can’t tell me that’s not safari running
    in Windows 8 preview

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