1. Alexander Goscinski says:

    I really liked the lectures helped me a lot with my data mining class. You
    appear very natural to me when you are joking, though the jokes are
    scripted (it’s a guess). I really like the way you explain it, especially
    when each of you explain the same thing with different formulations.

  2. Moin Pathan (m2pathan) says:

    We have got historical reports and we need to find the score (whether
    report is effective or useful or not) based on supervised learning. While
    doing the supervised learning process, we have to upload the words lists
    that are available in the reports. We have to assign the weightage for the
    word lists and run through all the reports to find the number of
    occurances. Now I am not able to understande how these word lists can be
    used to find the usefulness of the report?
    Based on your experience can you please explain how this word lists can be
    used as supervised data in finding the score of the report?

  3. Oliver Tacke says:

    I am old enough to get the “it’s hip to be square” pun 😉 Lame joke. Love
    it! :-D

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