Project CORE Live DEMO – Machine Learning, Hadoop Spark, SAP® HANA®, Angular 4, SAP® MRP and SAPUI5

Learn Hands-on by Building Your Own System on Big Data, Spark, Machine Learning, SAPUI5, Angular4, D3JS, SAP® HANA®

Project CORE is kept realistic and the entire application made is enterprise grade quality. The main purpose of Project CORE is to expose learner on the tools and techniques and inner working of technologies, which are:
3. Angular4
4. D3JS
5. Python with Spark on top of Hadoop
6. Machine Learning with Spark
7. Integration of the entire stack with REST API

While working on this app, you will face the same challenges which you will face in your job where you will always have less time and by overcoming those challenges you will gain real project experience.
The front end application which will be built on Project CORE involves AngularJS4, D3JS, and UI5. We have covered new controllers and this time it will be XML views!
Custom MRP Run from SAP®-MM and SAP®-PP will be shown to get the usecase right from ERP side, you will also explore the new territory of functional side of the enterprise if you have never experienced it.

The E-commerce end involves Machine Learning on top of Hadoop Spark with Python from Scratch the algorithm running 1,500,000 Amazon® records we will go into the details how to work with such large data and operate, how to manage and run task and how to scale up and scale down load balancer covering the core theory part of machine learning with it. At the end, we will seamlessly blend the ERP and non-ERP end with REST API’s and everything will work like a charm.

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