1. cockyt4523 says:

    Hi Manuel, This may seem like a stupid question but would using this method
    work for any of the caret classification models, for example a combination
    of niave bayes and neural networks, or would i need to adapt the input
    datasets to work with these models?

    Many thanks for your great vidoes and companion website. 

  2. Adolfo Yanes says:

    What is the variable “displ” on the original dataset? it is the most
    influential one if you do summary(final_blender_model)

  3. Socrates Krishnamurthy says:

    Hi Manuel,

    This is a simple and straight-forward tutorial on ensemble modelling!! This
    is the kind of video (less than 15 mins) I was looking for to understand on
    how ensemble works.

    Thanks for this great post!!!

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