1. Nassim Dirany says:

    you’re using pixel phone to shoot this.. I know I sound stupid because it’s video and it can’t create depth for video but maybe you’re still experimenting it. keep going and please tell if I’m right

  2. Matraffi Matraffi says:

    Google Translate 4.5/5 stars (5,294,273 ratings)
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  3. Matraffi Matraffi says:

    YouTube 4.5/5 stars (21,730,445 ratings)
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  4. эдик Ульенко says:

    Не понять… Google – есть же такая возможность сделать перевод в СУБТИТРАХ – Так почему же его там нет???!

  5. Brenda Jones says:

    I think the work we as a team is awesome, just amazing what can be done inside a phone an its only getting better,im proud to be apart of that if only in a small way.

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