Machine Learning with TensorFlow (GDD Europe ’17)

TensorFlow is the most popular open-source machine learning framework in the world. In this video, Andrew Gasparovic gives you an introduction to TensorFlow and goes through new things that have been developed. He also covers some use-cases demonstrating how TensorFlow is used by Google as well as out in the real-world.

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  1. Rodrigo Silveira says:

    Don’t mean to be a hater, but that Udacity course on 31:56 is literally just a bunch of hand waiving…

  2. Abhishek Saini says:

    How can we use TensorFlow(Machine learning) in AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction) industry?

  3. Rodrigo Silveira says:

    One detail for those following the code snippet at 6:25 is that loss function should be (1/2) * tf.reduce_sum(tf.square(lin_model – y)) and x_train and y_train should be np.array() instances. Else that code will not run =)

  4. Vijayabhaskar J says:

    The Deep Learning course from Udacity(not the nanodegree one) is the worst course on deep learning on the internet!

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