Machine Learning With Apache Spark | Simplilearn Webinar

This webinar will guide you through the learning path to Spark and Machine learning mastery. Webinar Agenda: 1. Spark basics The first things to know are some of the basic concepts in Spark, like Worker and Executors and RDDs. The webinar will also explore how Spark integrates various languages like Scala, Python and Java into itself, as well as some of the essentials of statistics and its practical use in Spark Machine Learning. 2. Spark Mlib Mlib is sparks machine learning API. Its goal is to make practical Machine Learning scalable and easy. It offers two packages, spark.mlib and spark ml. is the preferred API as spark.mlib will be phased out soon. 3. Spark Mlib – A peek into Advanced Concepts Concepts like Kmeans clustering, Collaborating, Filtering, & Dimentionality Reduction will be briefly discussed here. 4. Spark Mlib – Performance Optimization Some Spark Mlib optimization techniques like Evaluation Metrics, Stochastic Gradient Descent, and Limited Memory BFGS will be introduced here.

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