Machine learning for algorithmic trading w/ Bert Mouler

EP 042: Harnessing the power of machine learning for money making algo strategies w/ Bert Mouler

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  1. William Wise says:

    I love Chat w/ Traders. Only suggestion would be to try and get into
    conversation after interesting answers. It seems most of the time you
    ask-they answer-and then you ask something new. I know it’s an impossible
    standard to live up to, but in Market Wizards notice how Jack Schwager
    oftentimes makes a whole conversation based around the subjects answers.
    Maybe a pre-interview would facilitate you being able to do this.
    Nonetheless you do a great job and get some awesome subjects on here, keep
    it up.

  2. WilliamFiset says:

    Amazing Episode!! It love hearing how algorithmic traders do their work,
    plus Bert is a really inspiring guy!

  3. B1ack says:

    I’m so glad I came across your channel… immediately subscribed to your
    podcast on iTunes.

  4. ProlifeVeganAryan says:

    This guy is so boring. He says “you know” constantly. Can’t describe what a
    variable is, can only vaguely mention the distinction between ML and AI,
    and sounds like he’s just woken up. Skip this video. You won’t learn much

  5. Ritam Roy Chowdhury says:

    absolutely loved it!! His example on area of circle is super…..thanks
    +Chat With Traders!!

  6. Bev Renee' says:

    So relived to learn that my brain is still able to out preform the computer
    algorithms because I have no idea about programming or how to set up
    machine learning. I had been imagining that my set ups are failing because
    the computers see my trades and beat me out of them, but Bert seems to
    believe we humans can figure things out on our own.

  7. TruthSeeker says:

    Regarding 30:30 where he is saying that you can’t look at 3 days of
    10-minute bars to find the low. I can easily display 15 days of 10-minute
    bars on NinjaTrader and pick out the low. If I needed more I could
    um…mark a horizontal line and scroll (adjusting as I go)? And why do I
    need 10-minute bars to find the 3 day low. Any time period would show
    that. So, by catching him in an obvious bullshit moment makes me question
    his whole system.

  8. Donald Cueva says:

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  9. reverse moustache cat says:

    This guy is so full of himself. I don’t think he realizes that an
    overwhelming number of traders are engineers and he talks like the audience
    is dumb. I think this guy’s failure is around the corner. Hear him again
    maybe in another 10 years

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