Machine Learning at Quora

At Quora our mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. In order to accomplish this we need to build a complex ecosystem where we value issues such as content quality, engagement, demand, interests, or reputation. On the other hand, the ecosystem itself, generates lots of very good quality data on which to build machine learning solutions that can help address all of our requirements. In this talk I will describe uses of machine learning at Quora that range from different recommendation approaches such as personalized ranking to classifiers built to detect duplicate questions or spam. I will describe some of the modeling and feature engineering approaches that go into building these systems. I will also share some of the challenges faced when building such a large-scale knowledge base of human-generated knowledge.


  1. Papp Sebastian Georgian says:

    Wikipedia combined with yahoo answers and another website I forget to
    mention about

  2. Papp Sebastian Georgian says:

    Wow quora is from 2009 available? I am wow. Very good men. Congrats for
    this presentation. I am really driven to dig in a little bit more. A
    valuable website indeed in search 🔎, distribution and so on.

  3. Papp Sebastian Georgian says:

    How this site is making money anyway? I like the concept of quora learning
    engagement entertainment

  4. Saikumar Chintada says:

    This is not a core machine learning video. Last slide in this video was
    only about machine learning and the rest was more about design of Quora.

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