Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition for Algorithmic Forex and Stock Trading: Intro

Welcome to the Machine Learning for Forex and Stock analysis and algorithmic trading tutorial series. In this series, you will be taught how to apply machine learning and pattern recognition principles to the field of stocks and forex.

The file:

This is especially useful for people interested in quantitative analysis and algo trading. Even if you are not, the series will still be of great use to anyone interested in learning about machine learning and automatic pattern recognition, through a hands-on tutorial series.


  1. Chinmay Kulkarni says:

    Will u plz tell me how to predict whether to sell/buy??Any relevant info.
    would be helpful

  2. David Ma says:

    after I download the data in my desktop, I can not use this code”
    date,bid,ask = np.loadtxt(‘GBPUSD1d.txt’ ” like you. I am a greenhand
    ,please tell me how

  3. E.H. N says:

    How can you so certainly state that backtesting on all available data, is a
    bad method to judge whether or not that strategi will work or not in the

  4. Dark Seid says:

    Do you have a tut for machine learning on robotics? Maybe a general
    understanding on the topic. Any link would suffice.

  5. Bhushan Tembhurne says:

    I have been following your tutorials.I have come up with following doubts
    in doing so.Firstly
    can you please explain what is it that we are getting in output (on
    video 6 and 7). I am unable to understand the pattern that we are
    getting. We get 10 values when we print patternFinder() function. So
    what does those values imply?Also what is currentPoint that we are printing?
    Please reply ASAPThank You Sir!

  6. Bhushan Tembhurne says:

    Hey Sentdex, why do we take y=11?
    and what does the variables p1,p2,p3…..upto p10 implies?
    Reply ASAP plz

  7. KUBBO MICHEAL says:

    Hello, I have 64 bit Win7 OS, I am finding problem in importing, Numpy and
    matplotlib. Could you please help me. Thanks

  8. Bhushan Tembhurne says:

    +sentdex 1. please suggest me some book or any paper where I can learn
    about same approach of stock and forex trade predicitions.
    2. If not then can you explain my previous queries?

  9. Gonzalo Gasca Meza says:

    sentdex, thank you so much for your tutorials, they are definetely the best
    in Youtube

  10. Gonzalo Gasca Meza says:

    Do you have updated info for file? It currently contains
    information for 2013

  11. Misael says:

    Hello, I am having difficulties installing the matplotlib. I am guessing it
    is because the version I am installing is a much older version? Please help
    me out?

  12. vcvitiko says:

    Guys, i’m a total noob. I follow every step but when i got to the maplotbid
    website theres no option to download the file. what can I do?

  13. itsbeldo says:

    Hey, thanks for the tutorials, they’re great.
    Do you recommend watching these tutorials in any sequence? i.e value
    investing then machine learning etc..?

  14. Feihong YANG says:

    Hi, I found you release a new tutorial relate to machine learning, is there
    any relation? Which one should be select first? Thanks!

  15. dmit1703 says:

    Hey, thanks for the tutorial. Wanted to ask: do you use these algorithmic
    strategies when trading your self and if so, have you been more successful
    than standard trading?

  16. GU Shawn says:

    Hi Sentdex, For convenience, I installed Python anaconda, is it totally the
    same if I use anaconda?

  17. Herbert Zhang says:

    Hi Sentdex, there are 2 series of machine learning you uploaded, one is
    this one, the other is the Sci-kit one. So which one should I look at

  18. Nomad Soul says:

    I keep getting ‘invalid syntax’ error on line 12:

    File ““, line 12
    fig = plt.figure(figsize=(10,7))
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    I’ve made sure my code matches every line in the video all packages
    Could this be an Anaconda issue?

  19. lohith n says:

    Hi, i am finding an startup problem in understanding the tutorial,
    can you give me a straight-forward answer on choosing the predictors and
    target for Forex data( date, bid, ask),
    i am quite finding difficult to knowing about what should we predict in
    forex data.. thanks .

  20. tb hp says:

    where did you find the GBPUSD files? did you simply download them from a
    stock website? with the info of the file in such specific order?

  21. MrBigmit37 says:

    Hi sentdex. I’ve noticed that this series is from 2013. Is there an updated
    version I should be watching (you have a 2015 machine learning series) or
    is this the best series for machine learning and stocks.

  22. Donald Cueva says:

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