Machine Learning and Big Data Magic with Node.js and Google Cloud – Sara Robinson & Bret McGowen

Want to build a Node.js app that detects landmarks in your photos, analyzes text sentiment, and translates text into 100+ languages? You could build your own machine learning models, but there’s still a lot of work involved and sometimes you just want an npm module that can tell you if your vacation photo has a dinosaur in it. It’s not as easy as `npm install machine-learning`, but this is the next best thing.

With a bit of machine learning magic, you can access the same ML technology used in Google Photos, “Ok, Google”, and Google Translate. In this talk, we’ll provide an overview of these APIs, show you how to use them in Node.js and risk it all with a live demo.

We’ll end with a peek into the Node.js community by querying terabytes of data.