Machine Learning Algorithms for Dummies

Session by Darren Hague at SAP Inside Track Berlin 2017

Abstract: In this session you will be taken on a whirlwind tour of the algorithms presented in Andrew Ng’s famous Coursera course on Machine Learning.

No mathematics is needed beyond what you did in high school, and you will learn about the capabilities of:
· Linear Regression
· Logistic Regression
· Neural Networks
· Support Vector Machines
· k-Means Clustering
· Dimensionality Reduction
· Anomaly Detection
· Recommender Systems

Of course the talk is too short to go into implementation details, but you should leave with at least an idea about what machine learning can do, and which algorithm to pick for the problem you are trying to solve. Ideally it interests you enough to take the next step and enrol in the course, where you will learn how the algorithms work and how to implement them.