Jake VanderPlas – Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn (I) – PyCon 2015

“Speaker: Jake VanderPlas

This tutorial will offer an introduction to the core concepts of machine learning and the Scikit-Learn package. We will introduce the scikit-learn API, and use it to explore the basic categories of machine learning problems and related topics such as feature selection and model validation, and practice applying these tools to real-world data sets.

Slides can be found at: and “


  1. Monal Jain says:

    Github and slides link(not showing any uploaded slides) is not working.
    Please fix. Thanks

  2. Jake Vanderplas says:

    Notebooks and other materials can be found here:

    Also, you can view the notebooks statically on nbviewer:


  3. Shruti Marwaha says:

    This is an excellent tutorial for learning scikit – machine learning in
    python. Jake is a great speaker and will ignite your interest in python &
    ML if you are not already excited about it ;).
    Thanks Jake!

  4. captainarf says:

    Excellent talk! Having the ipython notebooks to follow along and experiment
    with is also a huge bonus for learning the material. Thanks Jake!

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