How to build Machine Learning based Winning Strategies Part II

Part 2: How Lucena Designs Winning Strategies using Predictive Analytics
The formation of a profitable quantitative trading strategy is a unique intellectual undertaking that draws on out-of- the-box thinking, perseverance, proprietary data, and nearly all aspects of computer science. The challenge is amplified when we custom build a strategy inspired from an investment book or a client’s mandate.
Our goal in this presentation is to take you on a creative journey from the seed of an investment idea to a live systematic traded strategy. Finding real value in algorithmic trading requires a self-adjusting protocol that constantly responds to changes in the market while constantly avoiding the trap of overfitting.
In this three-part 30-minute webinar series, meet our chief scientist Dr. Tucker Balch and his quants as they carry you through our regimented engagement process designed to service a fast-growing market of do-it- yourself investment professionals.