Greg Werner, Productive Machine Learning and Deep Learning Projects

Greg has been involved in building Information Technology businesses his whole career. In Early 2001, Greg co-founded Certsuperior, currently one of the largest web security companies by sales in LATAM. In 2008, Greg co-founded Reachcore, a leading business to business document exchange service for the Oil&Gas, Insurance, Telco and Financial Verticals. Reachcore connects tens of thousands of suppliers to large clients, all while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction. In 2015 Greg co-founded 3Blades, an innovative data science platform which allows data scientists and business analysts build and deploy artificial intelligence models.

Greg is a co-organizer of the PyData Meetup group in Atlanta. Greg frequently contributes to open source projects that help the scientific community, particularly those within the Python ecosystem. Greg earned a bachelor of arts in economics from Emory University, an MBA in international management from Thunderbird and a masters in computer science from the University of Illinois.

Productive Machine Learning and Deep Learning Projects
Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), known holistically as Artificial Intelligence, are no longer luxuries but necessities if companies want to remain relevant n today’s market. Data driven organizations that encourage the development of ML and DL projects allow companies to create and deploy models to create predictions in real time. Even more exciting, these real time predictions allow organizations to trigger actions based on these predictions, which ultimately improves the bottom line. However, organizations struggle to incorporate ML and DL projects to create models that improve performance. This talk focuses on how companies can enable data science platforms so that data engineers, data scientists and business analysts can quickly explore data, create and test ML and DL models, and deploy to staging and production environments regardless of the language or framework used by the team and organization.