Goo gle brings new AI, machine learning features to Sheets brings new AI, machine learning features to Sheets.
Google is adding new machine learning and AI tools to its Sheets app that aim to simplify the way users work with large data sets in spreadsheets.

One of the key updates relates to the creation of pivot tables. The powerful data analysis tool is used to find insights from large, detailed data sets, but creating one can be challenging.

With an infusion of AI, Sheets will now suggest a pivot table based a simple natural language query. Sheets will also now suggest relevant tables in the pivot table editor for users that create them from scratch, and then auto-suggest formulas that are specific to the data.

Google Sheets product manager Beri Lee said the update, which also includes a refreshed user interface, stems from last year’s introduction of Explore in Sheets, which enabled users to run natural language searches inside the app.

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