Demo: Embedding Machine Learning to Combat Fraud


Embedding Machine Learning to Combat Fraud: Agile Real-Time Deployment of AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

From transaction codes to geographic locations to device information, AI, machine learning and predictive analytics play a critical role in the detection and prevention of financial crime and threat detection by empowering companies to identify factors associated with compliance, fraud and security. Historically, deployment of sophisticated analytic models is time consuming and labor intensive leading to missed economic opportunities. Now, with Software AG’s Zementis Predictive Analytics enterprises can easily integrate leading edge analytic techniques in a radically accelerated manner, reducing overall costs and improving operational efficiency while improving customer experience.

These solutions take advantage of webMethods data synchronization capabilities to increase the agility, flexibility and sophistication of traditional business processes. This is one step in the process of digital business transformation that many enterprises are relying on Software’s AG Digital Business Platform to accomplish.

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