Data Science & Machine Learning -Creating a Shiny App- DIY- 43 -of-50

Data Science & Machine Learning -Creating a Shiny App- DIY- 43 -of-50
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Deploying you R application with Shiny
Shiny is an open source R package, which combines the computational power of R with the interactivity of the modern web.
It provides a powerful web framework for building web applications using R. 
Shiny helps you turn your analyses into interactive web applications without requiring HTML, CSS, or JavaScript knowledge.
Enables standalone apps on a webpage or embed them in R Markdown documents or build dashboards.

Shiny Code Components
To use Shiny, initiate library.
There are two components of the code – ui and server.
You can create a single app.R with ui and server codes or you separately in ui.R and Server.R

Hands On – R Machine Learning Ex-19
Create a basic structure of a Shiny app.
Goto and click on getting started – read more about Shiny apps.

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