Can machine learning app finds Narendra Modi, donald trump and salman khan

I was playing with CoreML which is a new library for machine learning in iOS 11. I thought if I could fetch something interesting to this custom designed app, what would be the result.
So I fetched Modi’s photo, donald trump photo and even salman khan photo. As expected app was not able to find anyone of that, but it’s fun to see the results.



  1. nishant kumar jha says:

    sir you are doing great job….you are inspiration of many students like me …. thank you sir😊👍

  2. Kothandam Gopalakrishnan says:

    Great job. Mr. Hitesh.!!! Frankly you are giving lot of exposure to indian students.!!

  3. Jigar Thakkar says:

    Man, I don’t know what crazy you want to do this time, but I think you have train your classifier with only things, not persons. try Google Vision API

  4. kush tech says:

    wish you happy happy happy birthday sir … thank you so much sir for teaching us on youtube,facebook,learn code online,etc..
    love you sir.. i want party sir 😀😅
    me [kush tech]

  5. Joseph Joey says:

    Sir, am an avid viewer of your videos. I have recently started learning machine learning from Udacity, is it a good course? Pls give me ur recommendation. Thanks

  6. Nikhil Dusane says:

    Just amazing…. Machine Learning is awesome and how can we achieve this on Android… Is there any library ??

  7. Sujit Tudu says:

    Sir…. I want to do machine learning on android…. I started learning python for that…. After lots of time spending on python…. Machine learning still seems tough… What should i do….

  8. Stive Austine says:

    Sir plzz make video on ( app marketing) plzz sir i have a great app move by next 6month


    Sir I done mechatronics engineering. I don’t know how to choose my career. Which programming language should I learn

  10. Manisha Khatri says:

    Hii! I have good knowledge of web development and designing so I have started developing my own portfolio on Microsoft Visual studio … I want to know working on Microsoft Visual studio has scope in programming or should I start learning WordPress instead?

  11. Heathius123 says:

    Hey you made the great video “Firebase Google Login in Android”, but I think we all need to know how to get the user’s data who signs in, into the firebase database, which I think you said you were going to cover in another video?

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