BSidesAugusta 2017 – Track1: Machine Learning Fueled Cyber Threat Hunting by Tim Crothers

BSides Augusta 2017
Tim Crothers (@soinull)
Machine Learning Fueled Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber Threat Hunting can be difficult to do well but most organizations have come to realize how critical it can be for their overall detection and response programs. In this session Tim will be releasing a new open source tool to aid your hunters in their efforts. We’ll explore how machine learning can be used to both speed your hunts as well as help find things you might have otherwise missed. No expertise in machine learning required for this session, just a desire to find bad actors who may be lurking in your organization. You’ll walk away with a new tool plus a knowledge of what ML can and can’t do to help you find evil (hint: it’s not magic despite what the security vendors say).