Azure Machine Learning: Predict Who Survives the Titanic – Jennifer Marsman – Duo Tech Talk

Interested in doing machine learning in the cloud? In this demo-heavy talk, I will set the stage with some information on the different types of machine learning (clustering, classification, regression, and anomaly detection) supported by Azure Machine Learning and when to use each. Then, for the majority of the session, I’ll demonstrate using Azure Machine Learning to build a model which predicts survival of individuals on the Titanic (one of the challenges on the Kaggle website). I’ll talk through how I analyze the given data and why I choose to drop or modify certain data, so you will see the entire process from data cleaning to building, training, testing, and deploying a model. You’ll leave with practical knowledge on how to get started and build your own predictive models using Azure Machine Learning.


  1. Foumuh says:

    What the actual ****, why is the CEO of an IT-Sec company using windows 10
    WITH F***** INTERNET EXPLORER? This must be a meme
    EDIT: ok nvm, it seems to be the laptop of this microsoft biased product
    advertising woman.

  2. Randy Guthrie says:

    Great job Jennifer. Loved the clarity and humor. I’ve used this in a
    workshop at ASU; why make one when yours was fantastic (and far more
    entertaining that anything I would have produced).

  3. Nicolas Avalos says:

    Thanks Jennifer! This really helped expand on what Randy taught us in class
    and increased the accuracy of my program! Many thanks!

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