Artificial Neural Networks in Machine Learning | El Mahdi El Mhamdi

This lesson explains how Neural Networks work starting from a simple example: how does Facebook recognise somebody in a picture? The lesson points to important but often overlooked theoretical works. These works explain the success behind deep learning.
Article on Quanta Magazine by Duke University’s Professor Ingrid Daubechies –
Links to papers:
+ Neural Networks as Universal Approximators –
+ On the Power of Small-Depth Threshold Units –

video on the Universality of Neural Networks

Speaker: El Mahdi El Mhamdi
Editor: Flora Bressieux

Photo credit:
Morgan Freeman, from the following Creative Commons Licenced video


  1. bakr haltam (Future Orange) says:

    “i have a dream that one day chickens can cross the road without having
    their motives questioned”
    – martin luther king

  2. mhaned oubounyt says:

    good ” khoya Mahdi” i am also frome morocco after bachelor degree in cadi
    ayyad university i come to south korea to do my master and i chose
    artificial neural network as a research area and i find that this cours are

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