Artificial Intelligence wrote messages for CANDY HEARTS! Machine learning heart shaped candy quotes

Artificial Intelligence wrote messages for CANDY HEARTS! Machine learning heart shaped candy quotes. These funny valentines day candy messages are written by a pretty funny ai. Some might say this is an ai fail but I think this funny artificial intellegence is really onto something. Candy hearts artificial intellegence impovements are definately needed and this program brings it. Candy hearts messages you know the messages on those sweethearts are usually pretty odd but this weird artificial intelligence has gone one step further with just some nutty stuff. This generative neural network thinks of some of the weirdest things. Artificial intelligence romance may not be right around the corner but these machine learning pick up lines could come in handy. But please keep in mind these are computer generated pick up lines meant to go on heart shaped candy quotes. So is this really machine learning fails? I guess when it comes to deep learning pick up lines artificial intellegence might not be there yet but in the future I bet artificial inteligence candy will be normal. So yeah this is some weird artificial intellegence but no worse than some of the things you hear at the bar. Weird artificial intelligence does give us something to laugh at now but just wait until these deep learning networks know everything about us and decide it is their turn to be in power. Oh well lets just watch this funny artificial intelligence video and worry about valentines day later. Lets just remember to stay away from artificial intelligence love for right now.

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