AI and Enterprise: Your Guide to Machine Learning & AI In the Enterprise

Everyone has a different perception and definition of Artificial Intelligence and its role in processing and analyzing data. Our expert panel discusses what exactly is Artificial Intelligence and it’s role in the enterprise. They delve into the different components and approaches to AI, their functions, and how they can be integrated together. The different technologies discussed are: Cognitive, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. How can companies prepare for AI technology to begin implementation?

Panelists includes:
Anant Kale, Founder and CEO, AppZen
Derek Meyer, CEO, Wave Computing
Michael Ludden, Sr. Product Manager, IBM Watson
Shriram Natarajan, CTO, Persistent System
Kartik Gada, Executive Director, Woodside Capital (moderator)

Panel discussion held at Silicon Valley Forum’s AI and Enterprise: The Future of Smart Software Conference on April 28, 2017. Visit