A new release of machine learning / AI-based Supply Chain Planning software – SO99+ V 8.0

ToolsGroup SO99+ V 8.0 a machine learning / AI-based Supply Chain Planning software is about to release in October, 2017. Learn more at ToolsGroup website –

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are previewing
a major new machine learning base,

supply chain planning software
release SO99 release 8.0.

This is our most significant
release in years

representing a major step in bringing
artificial intelligence based

supply chain planning to a wider audience.

Our machine learning journey
started seven years ago

when ToolsGroup became the first
supply chain planning vendor

to integrate artificial intelligence
in supply chain planning product.

One of our first implementation was Dannon

who needed to improve their trade
promotion and ROI optimization.

They turned to ToolsGroup

and used our artificial intelligence
technology to address the problem.

In 2013 Gartner research has showcased

this very successful customer case study.

In the ensuing years ToolsGroup has
added new applications

and refined their adaptability
and robustness.

ToolsGroup’s machine learning
based applications

includes now trade promotion
and media events,

new product introduction,

extreme seasonality and
complex seasonality

as well as demand sensing
including social listening.

ToolsGroup supply chain planning
software release

is bolstered by a new technology partnership
with Microsoft Corporation.

In this release ToolsGroup
transitions its software

to Microsoft Azure Advance Cloud platform

and its machine learning engine
MLE to Microsoft Cortana.

SO99 version 8 leverage Cortana,

an open artificial intelligence
and cognitive computing platform.

It makes innovative advance
analytics solution

accessible to a wider and broader
audience both large corporations

that are wishing to enhance
their legacy investment

as well as mid-tier companies that are
looking for a competitive advantage.

It is an important step in productizing
machine learning

for a wide range of business environments.

It is an artificial intelligence based supply
chain planning software in the cloud.

SO99 Version 8 has a new SaaS architecture
and delivery method

taking full advantage of Microsoft Azure.

ToolsGroup database of reference
is now cloud native

and is optimized in Azure to enhance
scalability, performance and mobility.

Azure will serve ToolsGroup
data intensive applications

like highly granular bottom up forecasting

or point of sales demand sensing.

Azure’s ability to scale fast,

to handle high data volumes
and accept non-traditional inputs

like social feeds or weather
forecasts makes it perfect

for handling big and complex
supply chain data.

ToolsGroup machine learning
application layer MLE,

sits on top of Azure and
Cortana translating

business phenomenas into
advance analytics model.

It creates reliable predictions

drawing on a powerful combination between
statistical demand modelling

and machine learning analytics.

It adopts the machine learning technology
to optimize the supply chain.

With SO99 release 8 ToolsGroup becomes
Microsoft Service Provider

of advance supply chain optimization
and supply chain reference partner.

From my point of view how I see this is that
supply chains have been complex.

Now they are getting more complex.

There are many reasons why companies are
undergoing digital transformation projects.

The supply chains of the future need
to be far more collaborative

and they need to listen and learn
and adopt to the changes that happen.

ToolsGroup provides one of the best supply
chain analytics solution today

has been Gartner several times
and Microsoft provides the listening

and the learning algorithms
that are required.

We provide these things through
Cortana Intelligence

and we provide these things
on our Azure Platform

which allows companies to build solutions

which will be more collaborative in nature

and using the algorithms which will
listen and learn to the changes

in supply chain and adopt to
the changing environment.

I think the combination of the Microsoft,

the breadth of Azure Cloud
and the deep skills

that ToolsGroup brings in particular
industries around supply chain technology,

demand planning, inventory management,
forecasting, promotions,

pricing and all of those things together

makes us work together in a way that we
can create a very successful solution.

SO99 8.0 includes an
upgraded user interface

that features intuitive network
status visualization,

integrated alerting and embedded
live dashboards

with all navigation originating
from the web.

This new release also coincides
with ISO27001 Certification

of ToolsGroup for Information Security
certifying the confidentiality,

the integrity and availability of
our customer’s data.

We are inviting all our customers that
have not transitioned yet

to join us in moving to a cloud
based SAS model.

We look forward to working with Microsoft

to bring AI based supply chain planning
and optimization to a broader audience.