Why You Shouldn’t Fear Artificial Intelligence

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have warned us of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence, but is AI really going to be the downfall of humanity?

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The Code We Can’t Control

“Can a computer program be racist? Imagine this scenario: A program that screens rental applicants is primed with examples of personal history, debt, and the like.”

The Stupidity of Computers

“COMPUTERS ARE NEAR-OMNIPOTENT cauldrons of processing power, but they’re also stupid.”

The Dawn of the Age of Artificial Intelligence

“The advances we’ve seen in the past few years-cars that drive themselves, useful humanoid robots, speech recognition and synthesis systems, 3D printers, Jeopardy!-champion computers-are not the crowning achievements of the computer era.”

AI must turn focus to safety, Stephen Hawking and other researchers say

“Artificial intelligence researchers should focus on ensuring AI systems ‘do what we want them to do,’ rather than just advancing and improving the capabilities of the technology, researchers and experts say.”


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  1. Jordan Benjamin says:

    Perhaps we should build human killer robots so that our possible demise
    wouldn’t come as a shock and we’ll feel a lot of relief when the robots go
    against their creators and love humans…

  2. Augusto Vasconcellos says:

    Every technology can and will eventually be used for both good and bad
    purposes, and AIs are no exception.Yes, a sentient superintelligent AI
    could be used to create an utopia, but it could also be used to enslave the
    entire human race, and even if this AI is programed with a morality system,
    it can always be reprogramed or sabotaged, the problem is not the AI itself
    but the people who use it.

  3. The Wanderer says:

    It’s going to lend more to white people because statistically our credit is
    far better. Black people aren’t exactly known for their financial skills. I
    guess that’s somehow racist and not their fault in your liberal mind

  4. Khalil Pontikes says:

    I understand that A.I. will only learn what humans can learn but you see
    that is the problem, and that’s why they’re dangerous. If they become so
    advanced to the point where they can basically think then don’t you think
    they’d be able to make their own decisions then? If people bossing around
    other people makes them rebel, then how would anyone possibly think that a
    super advanced A.I. that can eventually even think will be good for
    humanity? A.I. needs to stay dim-witted like siri, and personally we don’t
    really need A.I. because we can do things on our own.

  5. Wade C says:

    With smart AI and Robots cheaper and better than humans to take away all
    the jobs. What will independent thinking robots need to keep humans around
    for? Zoo animals maybe? Will they allow programed empathy to be and remain
    a part of their programing. Roboticist’s, There is no one dumber or
    unethical than people who can not they are working to put them selves,
    their families and neighbors out of work. Even menial repetitive task jobs
    even slavery is better than homelessness, starvation.

  6. Marco aurelio Guerra says:

    A.I gonna kills us, says great minds, A.I is cool says happy presenter of
    DNews, don’t know, maybe its cool!?

  7. myfavoritesongs12345 says:

    Sure we can say that it all depends on what kind of programming we give to
    the A.I., whether the programming is “good” or “bad”. The same thing can be
    applied to almost anything you know. But this of course won’t solve the
    crysis of war, greed, famine especially environmental destruction, which
    industrial civilization is pretty much responsible for in the first place.
    Nothing will fundamentally change untill man turns his attention within
    himself and engage in sincere self work in both mind and body, separating
    truth from lies within and without. We also need to take into
    consideration, the topic of psychopathy, and how artificial intelligence is
    like a wet dream for a psychopath. There’s so much more to cover.

  8. Hillster Hardscopes ;_; says:

    There’s actually a robot pointing a gun at this dude saying he’ll pull the
    trigger if he doesn’t make this video

  9. potaterjim says:

    “You should fear artificial intelligence” is exactly the kind of headlines
    a malevolent artificial intelligence would make! Can we prove this guy
    hasn’t been killed and replaced with an android?

  10. james dean says:

    Those things won’t ever happen. People don’t seem to understand how human
    brain works. In order for AI to become advanced to a point where they take
    us over, they need emotions. The desire to wipe off another being comes
    from fear and hate. Everything we do is based on our feelings and emotions.
    We help others because of love and care. We hurt others because of anger,
    fear and hate. We eat because of the fear of dying. Why would AI want to
    solve our problems and help us? They have to like us and care about us
    which is the emotion of love. Sorry to all of you computer programmers out
    there but AI is not possible. You cannot program EMOTIONS.

  11. Pim Sutter says:

    But we can’t roll out the possibly that the AI can destroy humanity if it
    fall in the wrong hands. The world is not ready for that and I proposed
    that we wait until we can accept them.

  12. khalifa el says:

    If robots are able to do whatever we do what humans can do ? Sleeping and
    get welfare, there is already 19 trillions debt

  13. Estudio L. D. C. says:

    Humans need of Artificial Intelligence, but Artificial Intelligence does
    not need humans.

  14. luciu constantin says:

    A.I is the next big thing we need more inteligence
    i personali don’t care if it is humaine or artificial

  15. Rōnïn 浪人 says:

    If you look close enough at the thumbnail, you’ll notice a wire thrusting
    to the human hand, robots are killers.

  16. Markus Toom says:

    ai could salve the problem of humanity fkin up the planet by killing us all
    and living on green energy jeeeey XD

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