Why Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Over the World

Artificial intelligence is real and it’s here. AI is already being used in so many applications. For example, Apple, Google, and Netflix all use artificial intelligence to recommend things to you based on your past behavior. These machines are learning by themselves. It’s no wonder that AI has the possibility to take over the world.

Now when I say take over the world, I don’t mean where the robots are going to become our overlords and kill us all. I mean in the sense that robots and machines are going to be doing lots of the mundane tasks so us humans can do more and more complex tasks while letting robots do all of the mundane tasks.

We are very far away from this being a reality because algorithms right now are only good enough where a computer can learn based on the data that we give it. Other than that, it can’t do much more. The only widely known machine that learns from unstructured data is the IBM Watson, which can read many blog posts per second.

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