What If Humans Create Artificial Intelligence in 2017?

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  1. Royer Sanchez says:

    Hey riddle I was so curious, you know the distortion that a black hole makes around it right? what if we were to have a a strip long enough to cover a while body, long enough around 5-10 ft away. what would happen? would we instantly end up on the opposite side? I was just wondering because im making a anime of mine and theres this certain character I am making and I have her/him a staff that can make some sort of energy that while a projectile is thrown at him/her would follow that certain path (distortion). if it isn’t possible to make, what about if it is possible to have one what then?

  2. Robert Poninski says:

    What would we humans look like or be like if instead of coming from water from the theories of evolution and we came from land and evolved to be able to live in water instead and expanded our civilization underwater and the land would be the undiscovered part of the planet.

  3. James says:

    I hope people realize that if we create artificial intelligence, we can rename them human. They were made by us and will survive for many years after us. Don’t require oxygen therefore, along as they have full, solar panels, form of getting energy, they can live on. We can program them to always remember us, to evolve, and like i said before, live on cuz we definitely gonna die soon.        The reason we haven’t seen any aliens so far is because perfect living circumstances are very rare to come by, and evolution as complex as our own (gaining the ability to learn) we might be able to leave an imprint of humanity in the universe. WE will program project H.U.M.A.N to learn as well, trying to gain knowledge of the universe, and will try to find ways to replicate. Because they are programmed, they will never fight, will always do what’s best for the major population of robots to survive. This probably made no sense but I’m bored af and wanted to type fast for fun :3

  4. MisterSir says:

    riddle, you truly are a cunt. clickbaiting and now in video -personal monetised ads? you Sir can suck my dick. unsubbed********

  5. Anonymous Error says:

    The robots may not be able to hurt humans but they could create ones without those laws implemented

  6. v Memes says:

    Тупой плагиатер думаешь так просто скрыть от русских? тебе крышка

  7. Richard Borbon says:

    I have an idea for you can you ponder life every ten years for 100 years or every 100 years for a thousand years. You put these videos together so well….or possibly the future where we are like star trek level technology and whats all going on. Or what it would take to become space traveling beings. Or if aliens have visited us all ready what tech we have reverse engineered. Or if we built a ship that could travel to the nezt habitable star how long to get there and what it would take to make it and get there please tackle one of these i have so many ideas and no way to bring them to life

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