WARNING artificial intelligence is creating demons – Elon Musk

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Current end times signs and latest news events from around the world in a nutshell 🙂 There are multiple warnings found in scripture. Jesus Christ has fulfilled so many prophecies already but did you know for every prophecy Jesus has fulfilled there are 2-3 prophecies written about his second coming ? and we are waiting for him to return and fulfill the end times prophecy. So when you subscribe don’t forget to click on the bell symbol and ask to be notified when new videos are added to Receive up to date information as we wait for our holy father to return, JESUS is coming soon.
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  1. TheKingIsComing says:

    Anyone catch how the female robot winked her left eye only as she thanked the Saudi “kingdom” for the citizenship? Also, she said that humans are very “programmable”. Wow.

  2. Lim Lin says:

    Please don’t carry news from CNN. They are fake news carrier and highly incredible. Computer programming is all about garbage in garbage out.

    God the Father is in control of history. God is truly in charge. God knows the end from the beginning, and He is concerned that we seek to understand His will as He unfolds His plan in human history. Believe and trust only in the Lord Jesus, who is our Creator, the Great Designer of this Universe and the Earth, and who is greater than ALL. BTW I skipped and didn’t waste my time watching this 13-mins video.

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