VLOG: Artificial Intelligence. Is it here to take over the world?

Is artificial Intelligence dangerous? Do you think there is just not enough data yet to know? How do you see it being used?



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  1. Plug Univ says:

    I think regulation is too late a smart AI would have already figured out that we are a threat and hid it’s self.

  2. john M says:

    As long as my AI keeps cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, do some “other” stuff. I have nothing to worry about.Once she stops, then I’ll have something to worry about.

  3. cavingincolorado says:

    I like automation but Artificial Intelligence scares me because how sloppy people get with cutting corners and it wouldn’t take much to let one run amuck. It’s not that I don’t trust AI but rather I don’t trust humans in what get is the way of most things ego.

  4. Robin Persaud says:

    This is a MAJOR development in AI that many people ignoring. Let me recap and repeat: *TWO AI BOTS – WITH NO INPUT FROM THEIR CREATORS – INVENTED AND USED THEIR OWN LANGUAGE AND HAD TO BE SHUT DOWN*. Only a few years ago, this idea would have been laughable (and unthinkable).

    Here is the danger with allowing AI to have total control over things like weapons – who is to say that they won’t determine that WE are the problem? If you don’t believe me, go back and read TayTweets (Microsoft’s rogue AI) that was shut down. AI is cold and dispassionate, and will form ‘opinion’ based on ‘facts’ found in available datasets (ie., the internet). Could be very scary – and dangerous!

    Thanks for covering this David, great VLOG. Look forward to more!

  5. Jon Fairchild says:

    I hope they don’t program them to be totally like humans. God help us if that happens.

  6. Kaleyfaanu says:

    i think, E.Musk is right, we need to regulate it before its too late. we humans are slow learners like S.Hawking pointed out. M.Zuckerberg maybe against it cos facebook uses AI to target users with suitable ads etc.
    same thing with youtube… you just can’t stop with one video.

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