1. azstc007 says:

    I read the post. It’s the only thing I’ve ever read that has genuinely
    terrified me!!!! (I’m also a bit excited)

  2. Jakob Reumann says:

    Even though I read the AI post and almost every other post you talked about
    it was still an interesting talk to watch. Any chance that you will visit
    Austria (or any other country close by) any time soon? Maybe Tedx. Big Fan,
    Keep it up!!!

  3. Treyvon Kentrell Coker says:

    This is great. AI is such a crazy thing. The stick figure drawings in power
    point seem to fit like peanut butter and jelly.

  4. Sam Pither says:

    Tim, huge WBW fan here – and also (temporary-ish) resident of Malmo. Very,
    very random you were here in this small city – wish I knew you were
    stopping by!

  5. Dionyzos says:

    Tim, you pretty much determine what I’m interested in for a decent amount
    of time after a new post :)

  6. Dionyzos says:

    Is this actually the first time Tim does a talk in public? If it is, it’s
    kind of a big step for him personally and in his career isn’t it?

  7. SimkinC42 says:

    Hey Tim,
    Thank you so very much for the time and effort you put into your blog
    posts. Someone linked to your blog a little bit after your AI posts and
    have since gone and read everything that you’ve posted. I love the voice
    you have in your writing when you talk about basically any subject. You
    make any subject fascinating to read about. As a result, I will keep
    reading and supporting you on patreon for as long as Wait But Why is a
    thing. Thank you again for everything and keep up the fantastic work.

  8. ChefNateGr8 says:

    Oh I wish there were more content from you! You are a fantastic thinker and
    an inspiration. Great great work.

  9. kevin olson says:

    Might be the most wandering and boring talk on AI that is possible…. even
    in a multiverse. Did anyone make it past the 10 minute mark?

  10. Sara Johansson says:

    OMG!!! You were here??? WAIT, BUT WHY (see what I did there?) DIDN’T YOU
    SAY SO??? Or did you and I somehow missed it? I’m only a 6 hour drive away,
    I would have thrown myself in the car and blazed down to Malmo in a a
    heartbeat! You need to publish a tour schedule or something! Well, enough
    with my bitterness: loved this, good job as always!

  11. chris lacock says:

    If we consider humans it should be obvious how important it is to ensure
    AGI has a good ‘rule’ book, just compare what muslims do compared to say
    buddhists or Jains. The only difference is their respective doctrines ie.
    their rule books or code.

  12. Aidiera says:

    Your voice is exactly the same as Jesse Eisenberg, to the point where I
    forgot you weren’t him.

  13. crossfires says:

    Whoa, learned so much from this talk. It was incredibly engaging,
    informative and entertaining! Thanks, Tim!

  14. Daniel Schofield says:

    The beautiful part of all of this is that if ASI as described will exist
    anytime in the remotely near future, it is likely that its understanding of
    physics and reality is such that it could very well have already been born
    in the near future (which may actually already exist somewhere, at least as
    far as the ASI is concerned) and has already sort of frozen us in a
    time-space treadmill and in a sense, we could now be existing in a(/one of
    many) time-space simulation(s) that it has created for us … “if a monkey
    sees a skyscraper […] not only can it not build that itself, it can’t
    even understand that we built it. so there’s no way to explain that we
    humans made this, that this isn’t natural, cause monkeys when they see
    something big, it’s just part of nature. so that means that an AI even two
    steps above us on that green step, not only will we not be able to do what
    it can do, we won’t even be able to wrap our heads around the fact that it
    did it, we won’t even be able to get what it did.” –> Elon Musk believes
    something similar to this:


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