The Morgellons and Artificial Intelligence Connection : Kandy Griffin @ Phoenix Rising

June 13th 2015–Kandy Griffin Vandawalker delivers an eye opening deep dive into the world of Nano technology and how it is being used to interface with the human organism to manipulate, control and attempt to transform our natural/organic nature.


  1. krystel labelle says:

    Hi, tell me something i don’t understand?! The ones responsable for all
    these evils things they are living here on the planet with us?? Right??
    They are breathing it also?! They are exposed to it also?! They are not
    walking outside with masks on?! How they can stay healthy with all these
    poisons and parasites??!!

  2. Neteru Tarot says:

    Thank you so much. I have several of the diseases covered in this video.
    I’m also from Winnipeg, and have long been troubled by the fact that all my
    friends and family in Winnipeg have developed cancer. Most of them went to
    an early grave.

  3. deafinseattle1 says:

    There is a German manufacturing company in Moses Lake that is working with
    carbon. I am wondering if these carbon crystals are a released as part of
    the vapor emissions/pollution created during their manufacturing process.
    It would be hard to tell whether these toxic ‘products’ or ‘byproducts’ are
    designed with intention or a disastrous accident. Now that carbon is being
    used as a strong fibre and is the focus of research there is a possibility
    that these manufacturing facilities are a part of this. They could be
    investigated, see if you find these crystals.

  4. Lisa Colbert says:

    I’ve got this “dust” like fuzz-fibers you’d find in the bottom of your
    jeans pocket…on my head. That and sores on my head that won’t go away,
    for two years. And just about every other condition mentioned on this
    video…except death. And some days I just feel like I’m dying.

  5. dreamdust38 says:

    I believe the nano robots use the toxins in the human body to build and
    rebuild there artificial fibers. We are full of toxins, stuff like
    Styrofoam and such in our bloodstream.

  6. Vee Friend says:

    Looks as if this explains the ramping up of spraying. They’re desperate to
    complete SOMETHING before the collapse of the economy perhaps?

  7. Brian McCarthy says:

    Watching this video you get the feeling we are living thru a real life
    “Invasion of the Body snatchers” scenario. What kind of people are these
    who not only would conceive materials like this but want to force us
    without our consent to have it integrated into our body and environment?
    The people who invented this and are behind the agenda of spraying these
    “fibers” and “smart dust” thru out the air need to be dealt with in the
    harshest way possible. No joking here. This is monstrous.

  8. Brian McCarthy says:

    I have a message for the people who have done this: The people who created
    this place see you, they know what you’re trying to do, and not only are
    you going to fail, you are going to be permanently eliminated from
    existence. So enjoy your little power trip while it lasts, because you’re
    all toast.

  9. Heidi G says:

    I’d like to know what research this researcher came across that makes her
    feel the Bible and Christ are part of the “brainwashing”…

  10. perry white says:

    I have watched several of presentations similar to this one, and this is by
    far the most believable of any one of those. I do fear, however, that since
    this has all been going on in secret for such a long time, that there is no
    turning back. It is beyond the scope of human power to end and restore. A
    true Frankenstein. I believe what the scripture said thousands of years
    ago. Jeremiah 10:23 and Ecclesiastes 8:9. I do believe in a higher power;
    much much higher than those arrogant savages making warfare from their
    satanic thrones, and anyone who supports them.

  11. Tina Pearson says:

    I am a morgellons victim. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. Good to see others

  12. Mr. Akki SeedMessiah says:

    Prayer and Laughter will nullify the works of the “foreign bodies”.

  13. Timothytrespas says:

    Great work. May the lord GOD bless you, heal you, and empower you.
    Humanity needs you!
    Please help as many as God allows
    Truth must out!
    Blessings and peace

  14. Timothytrespas says:

    She tells truth. I lived near a plumb island mass as a child
    As an adult, in midtown Manhattan, they released bacteria on the populace,
    next, folks got SARS, morgellons, LSD-like effects for years, and remote
    neural monitoring and no touch torture.
    The 1% want us sick, helpless, and dying
    Why would government release bio-weaponized bio-nanotech and
    electromagnetic radiation (cancer, mind control) on its “own” population in
    a non-war time?

  15. Timothytrespas says:

    “SAND FLEAS” infected with mycoplasma etc, and the chiggers (baby sand
    fleas) continue to make us sick, cause teeth to rot out (eaten by
    larva?)eggs in the gums grow to over 300 times their original size pushing
    teeth around in the mouth causing significant pain
    All part of the disease process started by government/private release of
    manufactured weaponized biologicals and nanotechnology.
    Looking into the science yields a frightened no picture that should, upon
    review, have ALL Americans demanding impeachment, and radicle changes in
    all sitting governments.
    Perhaps turning on its own people is the key to start the new world order
    one world government by getting us to rebel against a treasonous and
    murderous illegal government?
    Blessings and peace

  16. roustabout kinsella says:

    Gulf war vet given vaccines and anti nerve gas tablets.Been ill ever
    since.This was an own goal ….. or was it an experiment.

  17. BISKIT Adkins says:

    #kandygriffin After viewing what had to be a most painstakingly time
    consuming research endeavor; as well as having to pick my jaw & devastated
    morgie-ridden corpse of my remnant soul from off the ground to gather my
    mind blown thoughts up to hopefully sequence together words to express my
    most inner/sincerest appreciation, praise, & adoration for such a dynamic
    overall presentation of such a complex & torturous life snatching disease
    process/es you present that has been covertly leeched to all of humanity on
    globally by such unholy group of demented sick septic individuals that
    should live with these symptoms to suffer in biblical proportions as they
    have inflicted on mankind. WOW comes to mind & my 2nd thought is actually a
    question that you may/should consider – And you are still breathing to
    reveal? Do you have any security or are you catching yourself looking over
    your shoulder more often? Dam, I thought I had good jab but my fren your
    roundhouser is not only a knockout it’s lightouts could be described EMP
    blow to counter their below the belt approach. Please do not mistake me for
    a boxing fan but description is so appropo! I am a nurse, too & must also
    thank my northern border fren from canada- Thank you- #kevincanada for this
    link! I will be in your following & at your service if you so choose & I
    can oblige. Indebted & Most gratefully yours!!! #biskit911

  18. Andreas Gyllerström says:

    Great information, thanks alot. Puts together alot of puzzle pieces for me.

  19. howsithngin says:

    New Morgellons disinformation article on Newsweek, 8/4/2016. Title
    should be: Fake disease that will not stop being trouble for the medical
    community. (don’t recall title precisely. It’s only real value is the
    comment section). They try to get their readers to genuflect, and say
    “There but for the Grace of God go I…Those poor delusional bastards”
    Everyone who KNOWS anything should go there and comment.
    Some vaccines might cause nagalase to be produced after it is in the body,
    maybe depending on ingredients and the health of the patient when

  20. breakingthisdown says:

    This btch is a psychopath. I made the grave mistake of joining her group on
    Facebook. The most disturbing shit I’d seen in a while, full of
    misinformation, psychobabble, calling Morgellons ‘demonic’. Fck outta here
    with that bullshit. Feel so sorry for the people who aren’t grounded enough
    to know that they need to run, not walk away from that group. Nasty.

  21. nicole okpuisi says:

    thank you very much lady, you know exactly what you are talking about. you
    have done an excellent job and may you be greatly rewarded. you are very
    much appreciated.

  22. nicole okpuisi says:

    YOU GO LADY! Those who threaten you, threaten themselves. In fact, they are
    goers already. May they be blessed!

  23. nicole okpuisi says:

    For those suffering with M. Epson salt baths are the cure along with
    ingesting lots of sea salt. After the warmest Epson salt bath you can stand
    soaking in, as much of head as possible; especially the ears. use lot of
    oil prefab ly pure shae butter. stay away from cocaine, and people when
    smoke crack. Eat a clove of raw garlic before bed at night.

  24. Goldie Rush says:

    i knew this would happen.. my mother told me to get out of california.. i
    should have listened her… i too am suffering from this nanotech disease
    and my son has now been showing symptoms and he is only 4.
    mind over matter.
    yet my son is innocent.. i need help to cure him <3


    This is the stuff that is really going on here Mom and The Evidence is
    REAL.. And this is Something your going to have to Realize.. They have used
    this on everyone AI & Nano~Tech. I have Seen and Know as a Subject in this
    Unethical & Inhumane form of Mind Control for 20 + yrs.. The Ways & Means
    Committee and The House Ethic’s Committee as well Refused to Fund this
    Research on those grounds.. And The Group of Agent’s who Richard
    Weatherford was at the Time and is still a Part of the C.I.A’s Psy~Ops Who
    Used People like me to not only Fund these Illegal Programs in Mind Control
    by the Illegal sale’s of Drugs and Exposing others in the Drug Subculture
    to be test subject’sI had No Clue at the Time and I’ve TRIED To Tell You
    All .. but to use their Psy~Ops methods for many other Crimes to reinforce
    their loyalties to them by their Mind Fuck Game and to disrupt the lives of
    those around them by there use of drugs and stealing and lack of Morales or
    Values that’s Breaking Down the family structure to give them Full Control
    and to Ensure the break down of Communities Across this Nation and Turning
    the Youth into Criminal’s or “Meth~Monsters” as they are easy Prey and the
    Court Systems to be Over Burdened by such activities while The ARMY of
    Police grew as their Need for a Larger Law Enforcement Presence was Needed
    for the “War on Drugs” While Also Filling “Private”Jails & Prison’s with
    Inmates and the Funding to Further Subject this Nation to Their Agenda of
    Corruption needed to Create Jobs for former Military Personnel Who Also
    Have Been Subject by Exposure to The Same Said Mean’s,Device’s or Methods
    that are not limited to NanoAI Technologies in Bio or Non~Biological
    testing within Humans or Non~Human entities for a Desired or Non~Desired
    Affect’s or Goals to Further Meet Their Agendas of Funds and Controlling
    the Masses along with other Application’s of Altering Minds and Physically
    Altering one’s Bio~Chemistry or Health in the Mind~Control ,Bio~Warfare
    Studies. Programs or Research without the Consent or Knowledge or Approval
    and We The People are Not Being Properly Informed of what they are and Have
    been using on Civilians No Less Our Troops Who like Us Now Face the Same
    Health Issue’s and Mental Instabilities and General Wellbeing Deteriorating
    or Causing the Deaths Related by these Agenda’s and Using Law Enforcement
    Against Us as a Way to Protect Them Selfs When We Question those Who Are
    Responsible For Their Participation in these Treasonous & Terroristic Act’s
    as Willingly, Wanting and Knowingly Criminal Partnership(s) with full
    intent of said Action’s,Agendas or Event’s as well as there
    Affiliates,Agent’s or Member’s of Any Foreign or Domestic Government(s)
    Public, Private or Government Institution’s or Programs and or Entities,
    Company’s or Corporations, Special Interest Groups and or it’s Financial
    institutions,Judicial systems,Executive Branch,Military and Our Own
    National Security Administration, The C.I.A and Homeland Security and the
    Department of Justice in Part or Whole to Be Held Accountable for These
    Crimes & Atrocities Against We the People & Humanity as a Whole.. No One
    Gave Them The Right to Play God and to Hold the Fate of Our Lives in Their
    Hands with and They Do So with No Compassion or Dignity and They Have No
    Respect Nor Do They Deserve anything Short of Death in Return for The Hate
    & Pain This Nation is Now Suffering From.. It’s Not Right at All ! Also I’m
    Sorry this is the TRUTH.. and I Love You. just Remember That !

  26. Pamela Seevers says:

    I suffer from fibromaliga and my Dr saids most people who suffer with this
    has suffered emotional and physical abuse as a child of some kind even
    bullying , he described my child hood almost to a T and said he had not met
    one person whom suffer from this that didn’t suffer some kind of abuse he
    was 100% right about me any ways !!

  27. The Struggle says:

    Infect the people who sprayed-Karma will suffice those evil no good satan
    followers! Lord have mercy on those who suffer! Such a heart breaking thing
    to go through it and watch other suffer for someones experimentation/ joy.

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