The History of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A brief history of AI from Aristotle to the rise of computing. This video also provides an effective explanation of “The AI Effect”, a term coined by John McCarthy to describe why people do not recognise the artificial intelligence that is with us today.

Also see Part 2 – The Future of AI


  1. Dr. Zdenek Moravcik says:

    Look it is a lie to say no one knows how human brain works!
    I do. I am the inventor of brain algorithms that constitute real general
    artificial intelligence. So general AI is already here ready in my
    computer. It is ready for use in the industry and society.
    I am looking for robotic company to build first truly intelligent machines.
    Let’s make this world better!

  2. Jazay Surf Club says:

    agriculture, medecine ? really ?
    First use for any new high-tech is military field.
    You fail.

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