The Future Power of an Artificial Intelligence Singularity is A BIG DEAL

Artificial intelligence could take on a god like power. Mr. Federal Reserve makes his second appearance with Brian Ruhe. This is a FAIR USE of the thumbnail image.

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  1. Robert Jay Mathews says:

    The truth is robots will be far Superior to us no emotions no hurt feelings
    they are the future God made man and man made robots and the perfect circle is complete
    the fact we made robots should tell people that God exists.

  2. Marko Petre says:

    Self-directed AI is a nonsense. It will be presented as such. Behind the curtain, there will be a merchant with a keyboard.
    It is not AI, dummy. It is a jew!

  3. Sal R says:

    A computer can’t bring people back to life. What a lot of nonsense. This guy is living in teen sci fi fantasy land.

  4. The Spanish Inquisition says:

    The thing is tho, if it actually is a self learning AI, it will eventually learn the truth….

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