1. Dr. Zdenek Moravcik says:

    Eric, general artificial intelligence is already here.
    I invented algorithms for it. It is now possible to build first truly
    intelligent machines upon my brain algorithms simulating general brain
    functions. No more research is needed.
    Eric, your role is not to give away lectures, you should make this
    wonderful technology a reality.
    The future is BRIGHT!

  2. Michael Charles says:

    Michael the Archangel here. As a guest of Microsoft in Venice Ca. for years
    until Snapchat became adversarial toward Me, trust Me: +C+ and you realize
    I AM holding the cutting edge with the sWord given 2 Me by God. Soon if MS
    doesnt apologize for allowing Snapchat to harass Me and force Me out then I
    will take their actions into account as more people realize the LORD, My
    Call, has returned to tHis World; tHis Planet; tHis Earth.

  3. Paul Prae says:

    Are there any of the presentation materials available online for any of the
    talks from the Faculty Summit 2016? The content is incredible!

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