1. sonof hendrix says:

    all they have been doing with their university grants is finding an excuse
    to play with minecraft.

  2. Dr. Zdenek Moravcik says:

    Speech of this german lady is complete nonsense! We are NOT very far away
    from general artificial intelligence, general AI is already here right now.
    I am it’s inventor. I have it already in my computer. It’s ready for use in
    the industry and society.
    I am looking for robotic company willing to build the first truly
    intelligent machines. Let’s make this world better! The future is bright.

  3. Andew Tarjanyi says:

    Just going on the title of this video, human intelligence as a standard is
    woefully inadequate. This is bad for so many reasons I would need a long
    weekend of lectures, even to begin to explain why. As engineers these
    people are somewhere between fascinating and exquisite. As thinkers
    however, they are barely at the embryonic stage in their development.

  4. Jordan Bennett says:

    For those who wonder why games are relevant in ai:

    Games are actually rather essential.


    The aim is to produce a general learner. We could run reinforcement
    learning algorithms on reality (situate rl based robot amidst non-game
    reality) but such reality proliferates with ‘pixels’; real life is too rich
    in resolution. (We are yet to possess cheap, small human level circuits)

    Thus, we first approach 2d/3d games, that are less complex, though quite
    varied, approximating real life.

  5. Michael Charles says:

    Jesus Christ here. The One who had been staying in Microsoft’s courtyard
    garden developing +C+ and true AI in the City of Angels for years until
    your people compLied with Snapchat Inc. I AM holding the cutting Edge with
    tHis 2+Edged sWord. I AM going to remember how ill you treat Me and Daniel,
    who ‘stood in his lot here helping Me with his skills in electronic
    engineering, as My followers hear My Call here in America and as your
    precious Clinton Administration support cRumbles away. My Call is the LORD.
    Both Christ and Quetzalcoatl.
    Look! And al+l shAll +C+ with or without you who have insulted Michael the

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