The Age of Artificial Intelligence: George John at TEDxLondonBusinessSchool 2013

George, overly influenced by Star Trek, previously worked at NASA, earning his “rocket scientist” credentials. He currently manages Rocket Fuel and has married big data with artificial intelligence to create the leading programmatic media buying engine in digital advertising.

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  1. Nekogami-Crystal says:

    I think it’s trying to communicate something, somting about it’s
    grandmother and her dog. 

  2. Daria Huddy says:

    A world where one can not just laze on a beach, but have more sex, less
    fatigue, and social time. But this will take time to achieve this in full.
    A practical application, would be an Expert System, to solve a myriad of
    photocopying issues – the self-guided photocopier.

  3. JustBrowsing says:

    I am all for AI, but it makes me think isn’t there more to life than just
    relax? Isn’t work and what we do often helping us better oursleves?
    wouldn’t AI take that away from us? (It might sound dumb, but it makes me
    think of Wall-e :D… it really showed how much pleasure can be found in
    the manual labour and simple tasks, which are shown in such a bad light in
    this video) As far as I am concerned AI hasn’t helped creatively (meaning
    done something a human wasn’t able to do) solved a overpopulation problem,
    food shortage, uncurable diseases. Instead the prospect of doing everything
    for us seems to bring a lot of “diseases” with it – both physical and
    mental. When a human is beaten by a closed artificial system/program
    playing chess – a closed artificial system based game – I am not at all
    surprised… Why shouldn’t Humans, who created this artificial system –
    chess – in the first place, be able to design another program, which
    follows the rules of the previous system in order to win? it only shows the
    devotion of such a system to one area – chess in this case – and dedication
    of it’s memory and speed of processing to it!!. Also, what happens when
    this system of doing things for us breaks? What happens when an automatic
    car’s automatic system breaks down? Obviously there will be a manual back
    up, but isn’t the problem with the human element obvious here? Already if
    we look at automatic parking…. it not only does it for us… it makes us
    forget (or never learn) how to do it ourselves. Many people in businesses
    would be lost without a calculator nowadays… Obviously they don’t need to
    work without one, but the system is becoming so dependant on machine labour
    that the consequences of a system failure are unimaginable! On another note
    it is funny how AI has lost it’s meaning… it no longer means (or at least
    is not applied in this sense) as an artificially created intelligence, but
    as a simulation of intelligence or some part of it… it is not
    intelligence at all… I would think the only AI worthy of being called AI
    is an artificial brain that thinks… Maybe in a 100 years! maybe in a 100
    months? Seems the way things are going now we don’t need to worry about a
    “Matrix” or “Terminator” style scenario!

  4. Joe Franlin says:

    I still think AI is over hyped even with a few recent accomplishments. Many
    of things in AI were talked about 40 years ago and still have not happened.
    Most of the advances are simply from stronger hardware

  5. alopecia .heagehog says:

    This is a fascinating subject..In my way of thinking there is no way of
    making artificial intelligence…if there will be a (A.I) that can think
    and make decisions… will just be the thoughts of the people that
    wrote the program…scary if you think about it… would be funny to
    have a conversion….with a thinking machine…..throw eveything at it lol

  6. kwhoward says:

    the end of this video is very telling.. More time at the beach for who? The
    rich, so the dude is talking like replacing humans with robots is no big
    deal.. How are people going to make money?

  7. Adam Braus says:

    “More time at the beach” is a little too pat isn’t it? As more jobs are
    automated people just slip into poverty. Without universally free education
    through grad school, a universal basic income, and universal health
    insurance, all this automation is just leading to an ultra wealthy elite.

  8. Ben V says:

    Automating everything might not give us more time at the beach.
    It will for some of us who control the technology.
    It will just make the lower class people ( without education or lower IQ )
    The future looks really bad for those who can not contribute anymore
    to further development of society.
    No more jobs for them could mean a bigger gap between rich and poor but
    could actually mean more time at the beach for jobless people when they all
    get wellfare.
    I guess there could be enough to go around when everything is automated
    that means that everything will also get cheaper so taking care of people
    without jobs would also be cheap.

  9. Ivonne Teoh says:

    There are 2 sides to AI/Robotics, many exciting possibilities & also scary
    ones. What will happen if 7 out of 10 jobs are lost to AI/Robots? Thinking
    of college for your kids? When they come out, cannot get jobs. Whole
    education system needs to change to offer new courses for jobs yet to be
    invented! Read more,


  10. Samuel Moore says:

    He doesn’t seem to realize how many people are losing there jobs from
    autonomous programs…

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