SMART TOURISM : Big data, artificial intelligence and robotics revolutions

Smart Tourism session puts in agenda the main trends and challenges of smart tourism as well as discussion of research result on Smart Tourism conducted by Bournemouth University eTourism Lab. The session will be chaired by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis Director of eTourism Lab Bournemouth University. Smartness takes advantage of technology to process data in real time to produce services and products which are of value for all involved. Smart Tourism Destinations successfully implement smartness to improve the competitiveness of their destination and enhance the social, economic and environmental prosperity. Big data, artificial intelligence and robotics will propel a revolution in the tourism industry. Through using technology to ensure people are interconnected, processes can be designed to generate value to all stakeholders involved. This interactive session will discuss the principles of smartness and how they can be applied in a real life context. The session will bring together academic research and professional practice to explore how smart tourism will enable tourism destinations to take advantage of the emergent technologies.

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