Should We Fear Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Highly revered futurists like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have stated that artificial intelligence “could spell the end of the human race”. But will robots rise up and destroy us on day, or will we just band together to advance our race beyond all previous expectations?
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We currently live in the information age, a time where everything is within the palm of your hand and the only thing you have to worry about is the buses running late. But this age we live in comes with a potential threat that is still a largely debated topic and it concerns mankind’s coexistence with sentient AI. While artificial intelligence is part of almost everything present in day to day civilian life and in military equipment like drones and sentry weapons, a sentient AI would surpass simple things like that. The arguments presented by the school of thought which sees a bleak and destructive future for mankind generally brings up points which tend to have a low probability of happening. At first, there is the age old argument concerning a so called “Rogue AI”, which is an advanced artificial intelligence that is damaged in some way and thus lacks one or more complex functions. Now, concerning the possible peaceful coexistence of man and machine, people have brought up some good arguments which generally say that there is nothing to fear. One major argument states that, if an army of AI’s were to start attacking human cities, we have pretty much the entire planet covered which is why they would not stand a chance. But in the end, when you really look at it, we may not know what will happen since we do not yet fully understand the concept of sentience and consciousness. Though a lot of people have started to conclude that robots and AI’s would not pose a threat in and of themselves, but could potentially be used by humans that have their own goals in mind. Since these could potentially be living creatures by themselves, we cannot really speculate anything with certainty but the fact still stands, robots and AI’s do not pose a threat to humanity as a whole. Sure a few jobs might get lost here and there but, in the end, intelligent machines will be the only thing we leave behind after we inevitably disappear, why not try to make the most of it? ethics of artificial intelligence


  1. Technozeo says:

    Interesting. NICE VIDEO. Maybe they join us but go behind our backs to gain
    enough power and trust to eliminate us. Just an idea


    it could possibly happen
    if it has some different and wrong type of intelligence
    it may make us trust that he is helpful
    then people would manufacture more of him
    and then when chance comes
    attacks on us.
    Just a thought of my.

  3. someone unknown says:

    if you make humanoid robots that could learn, they would learn that humans
    could be a danger, and attack humans so… yeah

  4. ZeeGaming says:

    i like your style, that you say something really smart, and in that text
    you manage to put something really funny, like Star Wars joke

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