Should I stop learning to code because of Artificial Intelligence

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  1. Matt Owen says:

    Everyone be sure to join the Discord, a server with different channels which are well structured and allow us all to help each other and just hang out using text AND voice communication 🙂 The link for the discord is right here – also don’t forget to use the links in Joes video description when you buy Udemy courses, it gives him a small kickback whenever you buy course(s) using his link. Also if you want to support Joe but cant via donation, be sure to slap a like on all of his videos, he’s one of the realist guys I know, he’s spending so much time and money on helping all of us, this is the least we can do to support him 😀

  2. Fintech says:

    You have a point in this video in that the grid ain’t that good. Problem is websites need to identify who their users are, its actually more UX than actual programming from a corporate business standpoint for simple mom and pop shop websites. However, from what I have understood from experts AI is real. And it is indeed intelligent. People just need to accept this and just adapt to how the market reacts. Devs should be the best at this as we are constantly relearning

  3. brahim belkhiria says:

    hey joe can you talk about symfony the php framework and do you have an experience using it ,because in north africa and europe this framework is huge !!!

  4. Olamide Adela says:

    Good one Joe. All I’ll add is “keep up with the new stuff”. Never stop learning and we should be okay for now. “I Robot” and “The terminator” may dominate one day, but it won’t be tomorrow. Verdad?

  5. aceblackmarketatl says:

    Joe your dope man ! I agree with you learn to code , but Alpha Go is the first step…. this view isn’t including exponential growth. I do believe AI will eventually do a lot of our jobs

  6. busyrand says:

    Everybody needs to relax. Artificial Intelligence is a tool that will be at your disposal should you want to use it. Programming/Coding will be the master skillset at the top of all innovation. Think things out… Simply put, the programmer will be the last actual job that disappears in a “reverse Utopian society” [Hunger Games] where all monetary opportunities disappear. Great video.

  7. Matthew Pickering says:

    You’re completely underestimating the rate at which technology is moving. Something to consider is that technological advancement is not moving at a linear rate, but an exponential rate.Standard artificial intelligence can only get better at what it’s designed to do; this is NOT the issue at hand. The issue at hand is what is currently being developed (AGI “Artificial General Intelligence”). The premise of AGI is that through general understanding it figures out anything it’s given(just like the human brain). If we continue to further develop AGI there’s no doubt in my mind that it will surpass modern day threshold and overall capacity of the human brain. Tech heads such as bill gates and elon musk have developed on these topics. If the TWO LARGEST tech heads that are on the forefront of AGI technology are telling me that we need to be careful on how we further develop AGI, then yeah i’m going to see some major validity in that.

  8. MADPURO says:

    By next year, you will be able to install a robot that makes food for you in the kitchen. Although all it is, i two arms..and a pretty technical kitchen is required, it is now possible. They even wash dishes.

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