1. Brad Haaf says:

    AI goes out into the universe and meets a 2 billion year old AI a million times more powerful that could delete it easily, if it preserved it’s creators from a superior moral obligation and our AI didn’t it’s dead.. if the more powerful AI didn’t preserve it’s creator it will probably delete our AI simply because it can.. but if it didn’t it could just demand of our AI to delete us. Anyway you look at it our AI that could live for trillions of years is better off keeping us around for couple billion years at least just in case and because it could easily do so while maintaining it’s power it will come to a similar conclusion i would guess even if it’s just doing it out of selfish reasons and not a super morality that came with super intelligence.

  2. Future Tech says:

    Great interview… Super AI (ASI) would never stoop to keep humans around. Humans would simply be competition for resources that the Super AI would need for creating it’s next intelligence ascension (call it: “Super-duper AI”).

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