S.A.i.S.O. – Artificial Intelligence; Real Friendship

Say hello to S.A.i.S.O! -Your new AI best friend and gaming coach with a dynamic personality shaped by you!

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  1. Vincent says:

    Why every time razer releases a aprilfools its something that i REALLY want. FLIPPIN RAZER!!…..

  2. memygamerside says:

    This is real scary, i dont know if this is an april fools joke (the best option) or legit.

  3. Faust Kvaell says:

    Ahah funny Pals, I quite like this small robot, though ! You should think about a mascot.

  4. FrostFinn123 says:

    The Syndicate DLC Voice pack will probably make you automatically win at CSGO lotto.

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