Real FX Racing: Artificial Intelligence Racing System

Real FX has been designed to replicate the way a real race car drives on a real track! Using ‘Ackerman’ style steering and realistic scale speeds you will experience power oversteer slides countered with opposite lock steering. As with real track racing you’ll need steady nerves to take the correct racing line as you enter and exit a corner. With a multitude of options you can set up and race in seconds. Choose from 4 different ‘real car racing’ modes, from single player action against a car set to ‘Pace’ mode or challenge family and friends in Championship mode. Choose R/C mode for off track racing and play, or switch to Practice mode and compete on lap times with one or up to 40+ cars at the same time. For the ultimate real-life video game experience choose Championship mode. You’ll need all your skill to stay on track and avoid random or targeted oil spills, tyre blowouts and other track hazards!

Available from all good retailers this fall…

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