Prof. Michael Osborne – The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs

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Prof. Osborne is the Dyson Associate Professor in Machine Learning, Official Fellow of Exeter College and Faculty Member of the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance, all at the University of Oxford. I co-lead the Machine Learning Research Group, a sub-group of the Robotics Research Group in the Department of Engineering Science.

Recorded: June 2017


  1. Haku Sansaku says:

    So I’m just wondering is there going to be any value in learning things in the future besides artificial intelligence and computer science? I also don’t see too much demand of AI experts in companies maybe 10 for a 10 k organisation.
    Because we have to face the enormous cost of education and it’s hyperinflation caused by technology.

  2. Haku Sansaku says:

    I also guess that with increasing AI capabilties it will be very difficult for humans to prove “Alive I’m more valuable to you than dead”

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