Prof. Geoffrey Hinton – Artificial Intelligence: Turning our understanding of the mind right side up

Geoffrey Hinton, the world’s leading authority on a branch of artificial intelligence known as deep learning, shared his views on recent advances in artificial intelligence and the prospects for major new progress in the near future.

Hinton was joined on stage by Nora Young, host of CBC Radio Spark, a program dedicated to the big ideas driven by today’s changing technology. Nora explored pressing philosophical issues and facilitated questions from the audience.

Recorded: 2016


  1. Fridemar Dr. Pache says:


    Thank you, dear GeoffreyHinton for this inspiring talk. MotorVision activities, primary source of intelligence, as evolution made us, logic and symbolic activities are a byproduct ..

  2. eswyatt says:

    Watch enough doctors poking and prodding their patients, listen to the diagnoses they give, and eventually, when you can give similar corresponding utterances, you’ll be a doctor! The “internal representation”—all that med school bs—unnecessary!

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