1. musick2138 says:

    “Nobody should be opposed to bigger bulldozers” except maybe those whose
    houses or orchards are being bulldozed and those whose holy mountains are
    being destroyed and those who have not yet been brainwashed/converted to
    tekknofetishism enough and are not enthusiastic about their Mother being
    raped with even bigger machines.

    “One day we may put our bulldozers in museums, permanently locked in
    concrete.” — robert wolff, ”hope lies in our ability to bring back to
    awareness WHAT IT IS TO BE HUMAN” (1994)

  2. Darren Swift says:

    At a certain point, those who amassed enough capital realized that amassing
    control was sufficient to supply their capital desires in perpetuity. To
    continue with brisk investment disseminates some of the increased capital
    among more individuals andso is viewed as relinquishing a portion of
    control. Hence the stagnation of infrastructure improvement, the “plenty of
    things to do” that we aren’t doing….

  3. dj123 says:

    I have a question… You know how there are so called ‘planners’ that are
    behind world events? And you know how people are influenced by the ‘owned’
    media? Is it possible that the owned media produces many of the ‘big
    picture’ ideas or ‘planner’ ideas to influence the public so that they in
    fact become unconscious co-creators of the planner’s agenda?

  4. Bookhermit says:

    His take on AI sounds generally accurate, but he is 100% WRONG about it not
    taking jobs. Yes, there will always be plenty to do, but huge numbers of
    existing jobs are on the chopping block from AI replacement. #1 on the list
    is transportation jobs, especially trucking, once AI (soon, 5-10 years) can
    take over long-haul driving. Taxi service is going the same way, possibly
    even sooner, and then busing and local delivery will follow.

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